Ancestor Money USD Joss Paper Money Ancestor Money to Burn Hell Bank Notes 500PCS


  • 【Joss Paper Ancestor Money】Ancestor Money used in another world heaven bank. Burn more Joss paper for your ancestors Let ancestors realize wealth freedom, which is s also a way to miss them and a tribute to the dead.
  • 【Ancestor Money to Burn】This is a traditional custom of all the Chinese and with this way, they will be able to bless all the relatives and friends with peace. And they believe their ancestors will receive the Ancestor money and also bless them with health and wealth.
  • 【Ancestors Money In English】We are providing Ancestor dollars that looks like in English not Chinese. So it is more acceptable and respectable to the American people.
  • 【Ancestor money】Can be used for funerals, birthdays of ancestors, and festivals such as Ching Ming Festival and Hungry Ghost Festival. Chinese burn this ancestral money and paper things to express our miss and respect for the dead.【Size and Quantity】Each ancestor money size is 6 x 2.8inch. Each one is well printed with the same quality and easy to burn completely. 

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